You can expect a home inspection to take 2 to 4 hours.  Any less time than that and you should closely question the quality of the inspection.  A home inspection is a very detailed, time consuming process.
A walk-around with the client is conducted at the conclusion of the inspection.  The walk-around can take up to an hour to complete.  At this time we discuss the issues found during the inspection, answer specific questions you might have about the property and teach you about your investment.
Home Sweet Home Inspections maintains Errors and Omissions Insurance (O&E).  When retaining a home inspector ensure they have O&E insurance.  This insurance is designed to not only protect the inspector, but more importantly, it is designed to protect the client.
The client receives a detailed inspection report addressing the issues found during the inspection.
Following the inspection, a report package will be compiled and delivered.  This package includes:
"The Homeowner's Handbook" self-help repair book and home systems information.  A guide to understanding and preserving your home and it's value.
CD-ROM containing the digital pictures taken during the inspection and a digital copy of the report.
Detailed computer generated report, further explaining the issues found, possible reasons for them and suggested ideas for repairs.
Literature on environmental concerns and other issues of interest with your specific property.
Information specific to the property being inspected, i.e.: septic systems, heat exchangers, etc.
Routine and seasonal maintenance information.
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